Badri Dash

My name is Badri Dash working at portico Sarovar Hotel , Ahmadabad

SIMSS has given me a platform to build my foundation of success, in terms of technical knowledge, practical exposure & self discipline.

Dipak Kumar Mishara

My name is Dipak Kumar Mishara working at Leonia,Hydrabad

Destination study ,state & national level seminars, international tourism magazines & guide books etc are some of the strongest(attraction)facilities that has enabled us to face the tourism industry as new incarnation.

Longjam Gladdy

My name is Longjam Gladdy working at   portico Sarovar Hotel , Ahmadabad

SIMSS focuses on not only what you are, but also what you can become & not on flaws but on perfection.

Nigam Panda

 My name is Nigam Panda working at portico Sarovar Hotel , Ahmadabad

Experienced teachers well equipped labs, homely study atmosphere & facilities and overall the up-to-dated hospitality ambiance makes it simply a cut over the rest.


My name is Debanan working at Swosti Grand Hotel , Odisha.

I have realized my inner strengths & potentials to explore the professional hospitality world.