Deploma in Hotel Management(DHM)

Deploma in Hotel Management(DHM)

This is a programme that is tailor-made to fulfill the aspirations of individuals who want to make headway in the field of travel and tourism management. The students are exposed to the harsh realities of life in terms of day-to-day competition. Travel industry is going through a sea change. The course curriculum is designed to bring in new hope and vision for the budding talents.

Like day follows night, similarly travel follows tourism. This exchange is not only delicate but also swift in nature so they will definitely boost business and generate a lot of tourism-related jobs. So one can easily find that employability for PGDTTM students is a lot more easier in compared to any other field.

By getting this PGDTTM certificate, a student will be recognized in the market by the name of SIMSS, promoted by Swosti Group, the one and only ISO certified, biggest oldest brand in the hospitality tourism sector in Odisha.

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